6 Things Should Know About Sharepoint 2016

  1. SharePoint 2016 might be the last versions of SharePoint developed to run on premise

You can event tell in the message for this 2016 releases that the cloud is where Microsoft see SharePoint 2016 living, in that the software giant claim with SharePoint 2016 is a versions of SharePoint baked with all of the skills and learning and improvement that Microsoft has been able’s to integrated because of running SharePoint in the cloud technology. Put simply, SharePoint has been cloud-first for a few year now, but we very well may be enter the stages of “cloud only.”

Microsoft always play the “we do not talks about future release beyond the versions we are currently works on” card, but it is somewhat tell that the road-maps beyond SharePoint Server 2016 released in this period is so dirty. It is abundant clear that Microsoft is push everyone to sign up for SharePoint 2016 as a services, and regardless of how many feature are in the 2016 releases that are design to make co-existences with Office 365 and your own on-premise and server more manageable and functional’s, you simply cannot argument with the facts that Microsoft see SharePoint 2016 as SharePoint as the future – with a strong possible of SharePoint server 2016 being the right way to uses new version of SharePoint 2016.

  1. There will no long be a free versions of SharePoint for small shops or department use

Basically it is a free editions of SharePoint, The SharePoint Foundations or Windows SharePoint Service or somesuch that was available at no costs to install and had a reasonable complete sets of feature for a free products. It lacked some enterprises and functionally like advanced database supports, identity management and integrations, Excel Service (more on that in a bit), and other, but it was a credible solutions for limit document managed and collaboration need.

The available of such a free versions of let small business and branch office use the benefit of SharePoint without having to be tie into a completes of enterprises and deployment and pay ten of thousand of dollars. Even small department at place like university hosted these free version of SharePoint 2016 because of their autonomy. This is more – if you want learn SharePoint developer, you either pay Microsoft to hosted it for you via MS Office 365, or you paid for a licenses to SharePoint Server 2016.

  1. Excel Service has vanish, and to get Excel functional, you must uses the Office Online Servers

Many organization used Excel Service as an easy ways to collaborates on simple Excel spreadsheet by hosting them within SharePoints and letting folk access them to view and edit the content through a simple web browsers. This was easier for user on the go to accessed pages, rather than having to booting up a copies of Excel and download a sheets, check it out, and saves it again and checking it in. There were also rich business intelligence styles and capability that require a far more complex deployments, and it is probably because of this dichotomy that this features was removed entire from SharePoint servers. For the next versions are included in the Excel through a web browser is a separate licensed affairs. The bottom line if you used Excel Service functional you must developed a budget and deployments plans for Office Online Servers if you plan to deployment the SharePoint.