Sharepoint Server 2016 Latest Version and Compare with Previous Version

Microsoft reports expect to SharePoint Server 2016 “releasing-to-manufacture” (RTM) milestones to happen on March 14.That ideas come from a Twitter posts by a Microsoft program managers, as report in this story. The RTM of Office Online Servers (OOS) also is expect to happen on March 14.

OOS should be RTM’s by March 14th together with SharePoint 2016 server wrote Gregory Appel, a senior program manager in Excels for the Microsoft Israel Development Centers, per the Twitter posts. “No additional OOS RCs [release candidate will be publishing until the RTM date.”

RTM is old jargon signify that the softwares are ready to be image on new hardwares priority to the initial product sale periods, which is known as “general availabilities.” Presently, 2016 SharePoint Server is at the “releasing candidates” stages, which tradition has signify that the products is at the features-complete stages and is undergoing final bug tests.

In responses to a queries, a Microsoft spokes persons did not confirm the March 14 RTM dates, but did indicates that the release of SharePoint Server 2016 was present as tracks.

“GA of SharePoint Server 2016 remain on tracks for this springs,” the spokesperson indicate via e-mail today. “RTM will precedes GA, as is customer with SharePoint release. We don’t have a specifics date for RTM to confirms at this time.”

SharePoint Server 2016 original was target for products released in Q2 of this year. However, lates last year, Bill Baer, Microsoft senior technical products with this manager on SharePoint, revise that timeline and indicate that the released would happen earliers in Q1.

The coincidence of SharePoint Server 2016 and Office Online Server being release on the same day may not be much of a coincidences. Microsoft MVP Vlad Catrinescu recent suggest in a talk that “hybrids” SharePoint deployment likely will need Office Online Servers (formerly known as “Office Web App Servers”) to supports many of SharePoint’s feature.

However, so far, Microsoft has not specify that Office Online Server as a requirements for deploy SharePoint Server 2016. Baer list the requirements for SharePoint Server 2016 back in May in this blog posts.

Online Server is a standalone servers that gets run on the customer premise to hosting Office Web App (such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word running in a browsers), although Microsoft now refer to them as “Office on the Web” app. Baer explain back in September that Microsoft will be deprecate some Excel Service content in favors of Office Online Servers. Excel Service typically are used to show workbook on SharePoint 2013 dashboard and portal.

“Design to suit the need of many different type and size of organization up to and including multinational enterprise, SharePoint Enterprise supports custom applications, mobile applications, social media integration, business intelligence, and advanced content management (none of which is available in the entry-level SharePoint Foundation product).”

“This new offer help customers to migration their SharePoint server and Windows Server workload and is made possibles by the folk at Data Resolution,” he adds. “As a long-time SharePoint providers and Microsoft Hosting Providers, they have the background and experiences need to designs and support a scalable implementation of SharePoint Enterprise in the AWS Cloud. They are already migration one of their on-premises SharePoint customers to AWS, and are plan to works with us to produce a customer success story later this year. Data Resolution will also be offer consult and migration service in orders to make your transitions to the cloud as smooth as possibilities.”

The implements utilize Amazon’s AWS Marketplaces Support for Clusters and AWS Resources.

You can choose from Sharepoint Enterprises 2013 Basics, SharePoint 2013 Businesses, or SHarePoint Enterprise 2013 Advance. You can start with a free trial, and pay by the hour, by the month, or annually. You can also choose between 10, 25, and 100 user option.

On-Premises, With a Cases of Hybrid

Both Patton and McNulty reiterate Microsoft’s commitment to on-premises throughout the presentation. They extolled the power of collaboration, citing an old New York Times figure that businesses waste $650 billion on poor designed collaborations system, compare with the 67 percent of customer who gain significant productivity improvement when a systems is correctly implement according to Avanade.

However, in spite of promise of “doubling down” with on premise, a “hybrid at the core” presentations bullet caught my eye. So, while on premise is clearly a priorities, it looks as if we can expects the new feature to still be develop cloud first.

‘Built for Trust’

The presentations repeated highlight the phrases “built for trusts.” And while you’re probably thinks that sound very much like a used cars salesman, Patton and McNulty handled it wells.

They interpret “built for trust” on two level — identifying and overcome customers trust issue with the clouds in general, and identified and handling SharePoint concern. Microsoft’s priorities is to earn trusts for its cloud solution.

What came through in the keynotes is that this trusts will not be treat as an afterthought, but will act as an integral pieces of the development processes in any new features.

Future Benefit

McNulty walk us quicks through some of the new feature of team analytic, live from his Microsoft accounts. He offers up a scenario of how his managers, Seth, could works with him on work-life balances. He suggest using the data to establishes a meeting values, and as incentives for individual to takes full advantages of the in-person times together. We also saw a demonstrations of the “Citizen Developers” focused PowerApp. He created form from a simple console pull in not only from SharePoint list but externals data source.

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